Wanted: Soul and emotion to transform the status quo narrative


Archival Post: Plays and novels that leave readers in an existential void are in vogue. I’ve read and watched a few of them over my summer vacation. However, I like stories that tie things up and endings that are bolder, surprising, and organic to story. There is a more creative urgency in that kind of deeper work.
Voice that literally emerges from the body represents the inner world. Courageous soul-filled writing is a good place to start.

Originally posted on Connection To You:

100_0141We say we want our art to have soul. We want the stories we read to have vibrancy and power. We say we want to go to events and hang around people who are about something deeper.

These are very things we want to see in the world. But yet if you as the creator don’t nuture the soul, then how can it emerge for people to enjoy and experience in your work? Like a body constantly under stress, there’s disorder and inflamation inside. Our bodies are systems themselves. They can’t function at their best and optimal if they are constantly under siege and forgotten.

We just came out of the Easter season. The Catholic Church is trying to reorient itself to the message and story of Jesus. Unwinding from captivity is not difficult. It starts with going deeper and nuturing the inner journey. Jesus had it right but the…

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Finding the transcendent, one green field and long street at a time

To write a novel, you have to plant a lot of fields and navigate long streets. There are dynamic results and inspiration you get along the way. But it takes fitness to be present and time to get good.Soviet Worker

Basketball, writing, and religion are the great through-lines of my personal narrative. By far, writing was the least developed of the three.

Then in February 1998, I stopped playing basketball. It was something I had done my whole life. One day, I said to myself,” I’M DONE.”

I had to let go of the personal and team dynamic: game winning shots at the buzzer, mysterious wins, connection to the other players and fans but also disappointing losses, injuries, fouls, mistakes.

But I wasn’t really done because I moved toward a new passion: fiction writing. And I never relinquished the love of basketball. My first project was writing a novel with basketball in it. I started the current novel right then (early 1998.) Little did I know what a journey this would be. I said I will be complete with this in 1999 and published by 2000 at the latest. There are larger mysterious forces in the universe and snags I encountered in this world of writing fiction! Here is the trouble, I didn’t know how to write fiction.Country Road

It takes years to develop skills and intuition. At least that’s the story of my writing journey.

I read recently that as skill level increases, less brainpower is used. So that tells me if you are laboring to use less of your brain, something else shows up: creativity, flow and greatness.

I still need help. Just yesterday, a long time writing instructor of mine I consulted with told me I have to change the names of two players Fernando Bunch and Lowell Hamilton in my novel. They are well-known (they helped Providence St. Mel’s win the state basketball championship in my home state (Illinois)) and real life people. I played against them several times in high school.

The most professional writers are those that are flexible so I agreed to change their names. I had this pair playing on the Prague Superliga team in the novel against the Svet team.

What fictional names could I come up with?

I brainstormed and decided on the names of these African-American stars. Within 24 hours (yesterday), I had them. Fernando Bunch, the cocky 5’-8” point guard wearing a black eye patch like a pirate, became Escalante Greenfield. A fictional name that works. At least my daughters and wife thought so. They said he sounded like a real person. That’s the best you can ask for in a novel.

As for the fictional name for Lowell Hamilton, the 6’-7” shot blocker and dunking wizard, who is hard to thwart for the protagonist, I created Darius Longstreet. Greenfield and Longstreet star as teammates on the villainous and, seemingly invincible, Prague A Titans in Working the Glass.image

We are at our best when fully present to each other, our work, and to something deeper. And they transcend this narrow network of roads you see on the surface.

We are most ourselves when we are absorbed in those things truly worthy of us: creative work, good conversation, prayer. These all start to merge together like gernes have in 2014.

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Why California can’t save American society


Archive Post: This post, Why California can’t save American society, was my first blog to burst out of the gate in this dynamic year 2014.2014 photo

California has so much promise since gold was discovered here in the 1840s. And still does. But it also needs a moderated balance. This post’s popularity with WordPress bloggers/writers affirms that dynamic communication empowers insights and breakthroughs. It certainly created a breakthrough for me to start the year!

Readers, big changes are in store soon including a new main page with a blog about the forthcoming novel Working the Glass; a second blog- Becoming Conscious: How are future depends on transforming Silicon Valley and technology and another blog-Finding Spirit: Why the imperative of the age is going deeper.

Originally posted on Connection To You:

Golden Gate BridgeAs the fertile ground of the imagination, California influences the culture of the world in ways much larger than its size. Silicon Valley technology and Hollywood beauty have transformed storytelling on the screen. But is it enough?Stanford_LKC_02

While the Golden State allows tremendous intellectual freedom, there is an overarching order that frowns upon key tenants of creativity that I value-mystery; unconscious; spirit; and historical perspective. It’s a religion in itself with its officers policing the conversation toward what they deem as politically correct. This isn’t about right or left politics; this secular humanism is a way of thinking as extreme as fundamentalism and it thwarts rather than expands.

Last summer I visited Disneyland and Laguna Beach in Orange County. The ideal down there seemed to be a super athletic woman with long blond hair and muscular surfer/volleyball playing guy. They were everywhere in Southern California. Usually as a couple.


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The dynamic that empowers insights and breakthroughs

Yesterday I finishing reading the book How The World Sees You. I uncovered my personal anthem over the last few weeks by pouring through this highly recommended book by Sally Hogshead. I learned that your personal anthem is a two-to-three word phrase you develop as the tagline for your personality. Above an eagle photo-drone shot July 2014

Mine is DYNAMIC COMMUNICATION and now I’m ready to use it as my distinct power and the highest value of my personality.

More specifically, I deliver dynamic communication to empower insights and personal breakthroughs. That’s my highest value I bring to you. It’s my strongest suit. My difference.

The author Hogshead, who was in advertising for many years, said your personality’s most fascinating qualities are worth more than gold.  She helps you discover your highest value through what she calls the science of fascination.

I learned that I’m a People’s Champion archetype. Adjectives that describe me are dynamic, inclusive, and engaging. This archetype is my superpower. It’s already there. I don’t have to do anything, except focus on it and use it in my work. My whole life I’ve done it, but never did on purpose.France Village July 2014 drone shot

Why does this matter? Your personality is your natural weapon against distraction, competition and commoditization. That first one, distraction threatens your connection with others. Why write if nobody discovers you? People have nine seconds to connect with others before they move on to something else. Some researchers say that number is less, only six seconds. Whatever it is; that’s not a lot of time.

The 2014 book helped me develop my tagline so distracted writers and others read me quickly. We are all fascinating people, now is the time to find your fascination advantage. Read How The World Sees You. Today’s a new beginning.

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Like a bride ripping off her dress


Archive Post: Romance, love and sex…This post, Like a bride ripping off her dress, has been proven to be the most popular since I originally wrote it. Week after week, readers visited this. It’s never stopped.

This is the best post ever on Connection to you. Hermes, the Greek God of travelers, was with me on this one. He’s the interpreter between the world of Mystery and the world of humanity. The powerful forces of romantic love call for that kind of intuitive navigation.

Originally posted on Connection To You:

We kissed the world and life for a few hours. Our wedding rose up to become a public celebration. Not profane but sacred in its own right. Our wedding guests can tell that. There was conviviality in it all. The toasts, the stories, and our moving from table to table to talk to our guests. We looked each wedding guest in the eyes like they were the bride or groom.

Just before at the reception, the Catholic priest that married us told us we were on a spiritual journey; that’s what our marriage would be. I believed it 19 years ago. Sir Gawain

That priest held a prophetic wisdom like Merlin in King Arthur’s Roundtable or something. In his wedding homily he told my soon-to-be-wife and I that we were a powerful couple. Like Sir Gawain and Lady Guenevere. And like Sir Gawain, I would be tested on the journey by the…

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Bringing forth something new

california-san-francisco-golden-gate-bridge-1As I search as to what to call myself these days; I see that, above all, I’m a writer.

Writing takes hard work and sacrifice. Yes, mostly these traits are required. All writers, no matter what their inclination, have to have these. But why would they sacrifice? What’s underneath that? I say there has to be love in it. It’s a meaningful life. Happiness is a by-product of doing what you love.

True intentions are good to look at. Some do it for love of money. Others do it for love of the writing journey. Others do it to connect with readers. Others would love to transform the world.

But there also needs to be a conversation within as you navigate the mysterious, yet tangible on the archetypal writer’s journey. It requires embracing the dual worlds of Viva Contemplativa and Viva Activa. When you honor both: your writing comes alive, soul-filled and possesses dynamic tension. Many teachers of the craft talk about creating tension in your stories. But never mention it’s important to have dynamic tension in you, the creator of the words, on the page.

Readers expect a book every year so I need to pick up the pace! I write because I love the craft of writing but also enjoy connecting with readers.house in NJ

It’s a place of purpose.

So in my mind, besides the hard work, writing and being a writer is an act of acceptance, courage, love. A true win/win for the reader and writer. Success is shared by all and, if you are courageous, and get out of your way, you certainly will bring far-reaching improvement to society.

So we truly are a bridge to the worlds: integrating the opposites and bringing forth something new. The energy of creative genius is available and waiting for you. You just have to surrender the clouds of negativity that prevent their revelation. We all have resistances to joy, love, expression and aliveness. The key is to overcome the obstacles. An inner state of peace brings forth ideas that solve problems on the page and in life.

Creative contribution comes from something deeper. Although I’m realistic about the business side of this.

Two weeks ago I attended a Stanford University Workshop called The Entrepreneurial Writer. We are all being transformed into entrepreneurial writers with greater risks but greater opportunities. This can be attributed to the technology revolution. Our instructor Holly Brady said it’s easier bring your well written and edited manuscript to the marketplace yourself now. But it’s a costly process; you need to pay for editors and book cover designers yourself. Say that costs you $1,900. Then you would need to sell 903 eBooks to recoup your costs.running

We have moved into a time where enormous changes have occurred in the world of publishing. Large publishers are now quite weak. The greatest opportunities seem to be opening up in self-publishing niche.

It’s the greatest time in history to be a writer of quality well-written works across the genres. Completing this novel Working the Glass and the books that follow on the journey will be the greatest stories I etch into the story of my life.

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My mother inspired me to write


This archive post was my tenuous beginning. I’ve not always stayed on message to writing and publishing a best-selling first novel. As I get closer to the completion of the forthcoming novel Working the Glass, I will.

You want to hear about my writing process, the struggles to write a novel, and details about the themes and places in the book.

Research shows that that if you had to decide between a small engaged and large following, choose the smaller engaged base. They prove to be your best readers and spread the word about your novel.

Andrew Kloak, author of this blog and forthcoming literary novel Working the Glass

Originally posted on Connection To You:

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Hello World! This is my first blog ever. I have to be honest. It was my mother Therese Kloak that helped me to see that I was a writer from the very beginning. She and I were reading the same book, Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow by Marsha Sintar. It was 1990 and we were driving on Skyline Drive along the top of the Santa Cruz Range. We pulled over somewhere near Windy Hill situated between Woodside and Portola Valley. We got out and could see the shimmer of light off the Pacific and then we turned to see what seemed to be the entire Bay area in that canyon below. The Great Western Sea and civilization itself.

I was struggling to find my way and my direction two years out of college. She said something to the effect of this.  You’ve always wanted to be a writer. I know you can do it. How about…

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