Like a bride ripping off her dress


Archive Post: Romance, love and sex…This post, Like a bride ripping off her dress, has been proven to be the most popular since I originally wrote it. Week after week, readers visited this. It’s never stopped.

This is the best post ever on Connection to you. Hermes, the Greek God of travelers, was with me on this one. He’s the interpreter between the world of Mystery and the world of humanity. The powerful forces of romantic love certainly call for that.

Originally posted on Connection To You:

We kissed the world and life for a few hours. Our wedding rose up to become a public celebration. Not profane but sacred in its own right. Our wedding guests can tell that. There was conviviality in it all. The toasts, the stories, and our moving from table to table to talk to our guests. We looked each wedding guest in the eyes like they were the bride or groom.

Just before at the reception, the Catholic priest that married us told us we were on a spiritual journey; that’s what our marriage would be. I believed it 19 years ago. Sir Gawain

That priest held a prophetic wisdom like Merlin in King Arthur’s Roundtable or something. In his wedding homily he told my soon-to-be-wife and I that we were a powerful couple. Like Sir Gawain and Lady Guenevere. And like Sir Gawain, I would be tested on the journey by the…

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Bringing forth something new

california-san-francisco-golden-gate-bridge-1As I search as to what to call myself these days; I see that, above all, I’m a writer.

Writing takes hard work and sacrifice. Yes, mostly these traits are required. All writers, no matter what their inclination, have to have these. But why would they sacrifice? What’s underneath that? I say there has to be love in it. It’s a meaningful life. Happiness is a by-product of doing what you love.

True intentions are good to look at. Some do it for love of money. Others do it for love of the writing journey. Others do it to connect with readers. Others would love to transform the world.

But there also needs to be a conversation within as you navigate the mysterious, yet tangible on the archetypal writer’s journey. It requires embracing the dual worlds of Viva Contemplativa and Viva Activa. When you honor both: your writing comes alive, soul-filled and possesses dynamic tension. Many teachers of the craft talk about creating tension in your stories. But never mention it’s important to have dynamic tension in you, the creator of the words, on the page.

Readers expect a book every year so I need to pick up the pace! I write because I love the craft of writing but also enjoy connecting with in NJ

It’s a place of purpose.

So in my mind, besides the hard work, writing and being a writer is an act of acceptance, courage, love. A true win/win for the reader and writer. Success is shared by all and, if you are courageous, and get out of your way, you certainly will bring far-reaching improvement to society.

So we truly are a bridge to the worlds: integrating the opposites and bringing forth something new. The energy of creative genius is available and waiting for you. You just have to surrender the clouds of negativity that prevent their revelation. We all have resistances to joy, love, expression and aliveness. The key is to overcome the obstacles. An inner state of peace brings forth ideas that solve problems on the page and in life.

Creative contribution comes from something deeper. Although I’m realistic about the business side of this.

Two weeks ago I attended a Stanford University Workshop called The Entrepreneurial Writer. We are all being transformed into entrepreneurial writers with greater risks but greater opportunities. This can be attributed to the technology revolution. Our instructor Holly Brady said it’s easier bring your well written and edited manuscript to the marketplace yourself now. But it’s a costly process; you need to pay for editors and book cover designers yourself. Say that costs you $1,900. Then you would need to sell 903 eBooks to recoup your costs.running

We have moved into a time where enormous changes have occurred in the world of publishing. Large publishers are now quite weak. The greatest opportunities seem to be opening up in self-publishing niche.

It’s the greatest time in history to be a writer of quality well-written works across the genres. Completing this novel Working the Glass and the books that follow on the journey will be the greatest stories I etch into the story of my life.

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My mother inspired me to write


This archive post was my tenuous beginning. I’ve not always stayed on message to writing and publishing a best-selling first novel. As I get closer to the completion of the forthcoming novel Working the Glass, I will.

You want to hear about my writing process, the struggles to write a novel, and details about the themes and places in the book.

Research shows that that if you had to decide between a small engaged and large following, choose the smaller engaged base. They prove to be your best readers and spread the word about your novel.

Andrew Kloak, author of this blog and forthcoming literary novel Working the Glass

Originally posted on Connection To You:

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Hello World! This is my first blog ever. I have to be honest. It was my mother Therese Kloak that helped me to see that I was a writer from the very beginning. She and I were reading the same book, Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow by Marsha Sintar. It was 1990 and we were driving on Skyline Drive along the top of the Santa Cruz Range. We pulled over somewhere near Windy Hill situated between Woodside and Portola Valley. We got out and could see the shimmer of light off the Pacific and then we turned to see what seemed to be the entire Bay area in that canyon below. The Great Western Sea and civilization itself.

I was struggling to find my way and my direction two years out of college. She said something to the effect of this.  You’ve always wanted to be a writer. I know you can do it. How about…

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Silicon Valley’s great run toward future is kaput

Things have to fall apart; the old has to collapse before the future can emerge. Some will participate and align with the greater forces behind them. Others will resist and refuse to let go.

There is a limit to energy and exuberance. We should jettison that which is not serving us. And things will occur whether we come to our senses about the world around us or not. All this will announce itself very soon.golden-gate-wide

Stanford University (where I work) and Silicon Valley run hand-in-hand. You wouldn’t have one without the other. Ideas, talent and money flow back and forth.

Stanford and the Silicon Valley in general, cannot grow without access to cheaper energy. What the Valley cannot cheaply provide is healthy food, clean water, efficient transportation or effective government. Without effectively lowering the cost of these essentials, the Tech sector takes up more and more capital and energy. This serves their ends but it doesn’t satisfy societal needs. Tech has become an inflated sector and will eventually wither because its costs are too high relative to goods and services that support greater culture. campus_hoover

Energy is a basic consideration. It stopped the Wehrmacht’s drive to Antwerp in the winter of 1944. During World War Two, Germany was driven to desperation and all they could do was try to capture an American fuel depot on their drive ahead.

We are seeing that today. More and more energy is being syphoned off the economy for Silicon Valley to expand, but in the end cannot sustain and will dramatically drop like a meteor from the stratosphere. If energy bridges don’t rise soon, the entire edifice will fall away. There isn’t much more time for them to continue playing their syphon game.

Silicon Valley is actually an intermediate supplier of ideas about efficiency and entertainment. These produce connections and some residual products, but most of their value is contained in intellectual property extractions. This does nothing for the larger economy.

Take the crazy example of Facebook buying a robotic drone aircraft manufacturer. The company claims it wants to have its drones flying over areas with no access to satellite or wifi connections. What biological enhancement or economic sense does this serve? Sure it sounds good, but it doesn’t help develop any essentials for better living. Simply having a Facebook connection doesn’t make one wealthier or healthier. It simply provides a connection for dreaming or creating envy which cannot be miniaturized or traded for better living conditions.

Finally, when Silicon Valley fades, the society (all of us) will still need to deal with the impact of ocean acidification and marine life death which will rapidly cascade us into a more unstable environment. Silicon Valley can’t mitigate that with money.

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Enduring shallowness of Silicon Valley Tech will impact us all

A newcomer has been unveiled called Yo. This latest Silicon Valley application is a revealing sign how far things have gone off course around here once again.

Yo only took eight man hours to develop the app. The company motto: Yo, It’s that simple. In short, Yo sends a one word message “Yo” to someone. For example, a woman interviewed in a story about this said she sends her boyfriend a “Yo” message throughout the day. Then he sends her back a “Yo” in reply. It helps let the other person that you are thinking about them, she said. But all it can do is send out a “Yo”, how short-lived will this be? Is it just another Silicon Valley app that will crash and burn? Stanford_LKC_02

The developers of Yo say, hey, this app is what people want. That’s true.

Yo generated $1.2 million in Angel Investor funding. And it went out, hitting the market on April Fool’s Day. Yo now has one million users. There is a playfulness in this application; that’s true and it’s elegantly simple but I wonder if it’s just another waste of time, money and psychic resources.

Instead of blaming the economy, perhaps we adults should blame ourselves. This is the first generation of children that weren’t allowed to wander/dream and earn their own wounds. They had to be the center of attention (i.e. always on Facebook and now Yo?) and protected across every level. Latch-key children and earlier generations had to grow up in a less obtrusive way. Parents today worship their children perhaps out of guilt. That’s the model in place today. Due to this Psychology Today speculates that overprotected children are like domesticated animals, incapable of surviving in the wild. But I don’t believe that. This group can do it. Country Road

The lack of depth and short attention spans of users are feeding this. We are in a period of discernment about our civic leadership and government. But Silicon Valley firms don’t seem to have the ability to make things better on the collective level. Yes, they can create Yo and other novelties. But they fall short in seeing that they are connected to a greater system and transforming the culture with good government-Tech partnership. Last week my council member John Inks said that there are too many jobs in my town, Mountain View. He was right because this latest boom is spurring Google, LinkedIn and Intuit to generate many jobs and filling up office space in Mountain View at an unprecedented rate. So many jobs none of the companies will disclose their job creation numbers in the city. The key thing is that there is not enough housing stock for the jobs they are secretly creating across the area.

It has all the markings of another crash-and-burn real estate scenario. I’ve experienced/more like weathered this several times in the last 15 years on the Silicon Valley region. There is a large scale shortage of homes for young tech workers on the San Francisco Bay peninsula in 2014. They want to live close to the jobs. Rents are skyrocketing in Mountain View and so are home prices. Agents come to the door of my single family home in the Rex Manor neighborhood every week seeing if we want to sell. No, I don’t. I’ve begun creating my writer’s cabin feel over these last few years.

This boom here is a real crisis that will reverberate to the rest of the country. A real meltdown where the people with the least amount of protection (the middle-class, non-Tech people are driven out.) Like all crisis, it’s a spiritual and psychological one that requires more depth. Silicon Valley

Is making gadgets and applications the essence of individual and social responsibility? And consumerism the ultimate mark of citizenship? It’s a circle we keep going around. We circle to avoid facing the truth about ourselves and our future. When that is the very place we need to look. Silicon Valley Tech can’t and won’t provide leadership and vision. Instead of holding out hope they will, we have to find it within and bring it out in a way that moves past this place of stuckness.

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Going to the cliff edge of greatness in California

Ocean BeACH FROM cLIFF hOUSECliff HouseoCEAN AT chYesterday marked two years since I started this blog Connection to You on Father’s Day 2012. I’ve seen writing a blog takes boldness, depth and a special kind of giving over this time. It’s been exciting and changed my life.

I celebrated yesterday at the Cliff House, a San Francisco restaurant that overlooks the Pacific. My wife, two daughters, and my sister Mary from Chicago were with me on this special afternoon.

My only sister went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She’s a great painter and creative artist. In fact, Mary and I spent some time working on the cover design for my novel Working the Glass. As an artist, she sees in pictures and then draws them; I visualize in words then write them.

The Cliff House stands out as a spiritual place as any you will find in this world. From your seat in the Bistro restaurant, the waves dramatically break along San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. It’s a great vantage point. This is a striking image and probably more stunning at dusk. I looked out at the waves crashing on the beach and realized that one thousand miles of ocean was giving its life up on the sand.

Then we went outside to an overlook of the ocean. Sea salt sprayed up into our faces from the waves in the distance. You can’t ignore the scene. A 15-mile wind blew in from the ocean. It’s always windy near the Cliff House or at least every time I’ve been there.

Then we noticed a group of ten Brown pelicans flying in a line about 100 yards out. As they flapped their large wings, the stiff winds blew them closer and closer to where we stood. Their features on the faces became clearer. They were majestic birds. Beautiful corners of creation as any as they might say in Ireland.

And like you and I, those pelicans are battlers who have learned from experience. They persist in a world that pushes them in a direction they don’t want to go. But they are undaunted in their drive and ambition. For that one moment, there was no boundary between them and me.

Then we walked to another overlook to gaze back to the Pacific. I realized that we are at the edge of this great North American continent. And Japan was 3,000 miles out across the western sea. And there was no boundary us and them. Nothing between us.

You can’t go back if you are to really live and be a creative person. The world needs your boldness and depth. Take it out into the place of adventure, mystery, and unknown. Across that great magical sea.

You going deeper and taking the courageous voyage will create the synergia with others. Whether you are reading the tea leaves or enigma intercepts, it’s time to hone your intuition and follow your authentic path.

It demands courage. You could fail but what true journey of the soul isn’t risky? We want the artists and writers that are not afraid to show the way. The studious and hardworking.

Shallowness had its time and has been found wanting. If you display too much puffery, you are gone from the creative stage. Others beg for attention and they’re ousted as well. The heuristic shortcuts, while trendy, can’t help you either. The age of the detail, discernment and depth has moved upon us.

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Take back your life and rapid expansion follows

GovernorsPalaceGardenCzech Hapsburg Tile DesignLibertyWe shaved and put on our best clothes and stepped out onto the deck. There was fog all around us.

Are we in America? I said to a man who worked for the ship.

Yes, this is New York Harbor. Ellis Island is up ahead, he said.

Then we moved forward and in the shroud of fog I saw a greenish-white statue of a crowned-woman holding a torch. It was enveloped in fog at its base but as we moved closer, it was clear: the Statue of Liberty.

We entered Ellis Island. We had to say our names then assemble puzzles and math problems.

Why do we do this? I said.

You want to live in the new world; you have to do these things. We want people that are fit. Those that are mentally unfit and feeble minded will have to go back. The rules of the old world are one way. You want to live in America; you have to follow our rules. Understand? said the immigration agent.

Yes, I understood.

And with it, we embarked on living in this new world. Whether at the turning of the century or present day, there is a strong gravitational pull toward conformity. It started from the beginning.

With our arrival, there followed the preoccupation with external events including the professional programmers of the media, political and social arenas. All in the name of security and fitting in so our self esteem remained bolstered.

Most people are too exhausted to bring high quality into their experiences unless the negative programs opposing them are resolved. That trickster narrative thwarted our best efforts. Release it. That’s where the magic begins.

Letting go gives you the ability to move ahead. Your immigrant heart is good. Awareness turns on your lights again. The power that was projected onto the outer world can be re-owned. Where there had been limitation, there is now rapid expansion. Let go not of your dreams. Let go of the feelings about what seems to be the problem. It doesn’t matter. There is trapped energy in living for the world but not yourself.

Life events flow automatically and effortlessly. Finish what you started. In fact, the definition of a writer or artist is that they finish what they start.

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